​​Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino has insisted that it was goalkeeper Hugo Lloris' error that took the game away from them and not Lionel Messi's heroics, in their Champions League group game.

Spurs were at the receiving end of a 4-2 spanking from ​Barcelona, with Messi running the show with two goals and creating the chances for the other two. However, Pochettino has insisted that it was not Messi who made the difference, and instead it was Lloris' error that led to the first goal that changed the game.

"If you watch football and understand it, you will know how hard is to come out of the dressing room and find yourself 1-0 down so early," Pochettino said, according to ​Goal.

"It's so difficult after this for the team to feel confident to play. It's so tough. When you play at this level you can't concede these type of chances.

"When you concede in less than two minutes, it changes completely everything. The emotion becomes tough when you are playing against Barcelona and players like Messi and [Luis] Suarez."

"We didn't concede one chance to Messi in the first half. In the second half, he had more space and that is difficult to stop," added Pochettino. "If you watch the first half again, how many chances did he have? Not one. In the second half, with a lot of space, it is unbelievable how he runs.

"Come on, move on, because in the first half we concede in the first minutes. We played with the handicap of conceding after one minute.

"Our players were heroes because they were chasing the game against Messi, Suarez, Coutinho and Co. Lucas Moura could have equalised. Then you would have said 'we are heroes and the manager is the best in the world.'"

"We still need to play four games and we have in our hands to be or not in the next stage," Pochettino said. "It will be tough because we've got to win games. Still thinking the same though that all is possible."