A court in Croatia has rejected a charge against Real Madrid's Luka Modric after the midfielder was deemed to have given a false testimony during a tax avoidance trial involving an ex-executive of his former club Dinamo Zagreb.

Croatian prosecutors accused the midfielder of perjury during his testimony which related to his transfer to Tottenham in 2008, where executive Zdravko Mamic was subsequently sentenced to prison after embezzling funds from his transfer.


According to the ​BBC, a Zagreb criminal court has now rejected the charge against ​Real's Modric, ​which was made in March, with local reports suggesting the move was made as it was deemed the accusation was "premature" because the final verdict in the corruption trial itself was yet to be determined. 

The verdict, however, can be appealed by the state attorney's office. 

The corruption charge surrounds the finer details of when ​Modric agreed to a clause in his contract which regulated transfer fees - a signature which formed part of the embezzlement of more than €15m from Zagreb.

The prosecution stated that the 33-year-old falsely claimed he had signed the annex to his contract in July 2004, as it was actually signed in 2008 when he had already left the club. Modric altered his testimony throughout proceedings, allegedly in an attempt to help Mamic.

Over the summer Mamic was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison, along with two other former club officials who deny wrongdoing, but is expected to challenge the verdict. 

Despite his involvement in legal proceedings, Modric experienced his best season of his career in terms of awards having been named as the best men's player of the year by FIFA, as well as being awarded the golden ball at the World Cup following Croatia's stunning run to the final.