Chelsea legend Frank Lampard, has jumped to the defence of his former boss Jose Mourinho, claiming the Portuguese still is one of the finest in the league. 

Over the last month, Mourinho has faced a lot of criticism for Manchester United's sub-par performances. Derby County boss Lampard, however, believes Mourinho has achieved enough to be counted as one of the elites. 

Ahead of facing United in the EFL Cup, Lampard put Mourinho's achievements in context. 

"Tottenham were a fair way behind and Mauricio Pochettino's a great manager. Liverpool were, too, and Jurgen Klopp's a great manager. Manchester United came second. This is not ancient history, this is fresh history, of the Europa League and the League Cup. He has it," he said, as quoted by ​Goal.

"Of course, in management we know we're all sackable at any moment. I am, he is, every manager is. But, at the same time, when he's had the success he's had, people are going to want Jose Mourinho as their manager. So, then it becomes his decision. I imagine he'll want to go on."

The former England international then shed some light on Mourinho's caring side, which he keeps carefully hidden from the media.


"He would always ask about your family," he explained.

"He was fantastic for me when I lost my mother. He was at Inter Milan at the time and he was ringing me regularly. It's things like that you don't forget."