​With the impending release of FIFA 18 by EA Sports, the leaked player ratings and Ultimate Team cards have got the fans of the video game questioning who comes up with them.

And the most recent mind-boggling rating comes for none other than Bayern Munich boss, Carlo Ancelotti.

The questions have come about since the rating of Ancelotti was leaked on ​Reddit, and football fans everywhere are shocked to learn that he is not a gold card in Ultimate Team - but in fact a mere Silver.

Ultimate Team is a side game on FIFA which allows you to create your own squad with the world's best players - that's the aim anyway. You must win matches to get coins and the coins you spend on packs which then gives you cards that have players, tactics, fitness levels and even managers.

Recently, Liverpool fans have been the centre of the uproar with the majority of their players - in their opinions of course - much lower rated than they should be. Many questions surrounded Philippe Coutinho's overall rating and also the defensive work-rate of Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane.

The manager cards aren't that much to be concerned about because you don't need a top manager in your side to win games, as long as you have some impressive players on the pitch.

However, for a man like Ancelotti that's won three Champions League medals and four league titles in four different countries, it begs the question of 'who comes up with these ratings?'.