​Premier League side Liverpool have finally settled their ban on signing academy players after they were said to have 'tapped up' a youngster in the Stoke City ranks.

Liverpool offered the 13-year-old - 12 at the time - to attend a fixture at Anfield with family members and could then join the club at the academy. However, according to the ​Liverpool Echo, the club and the Premier League have reached an agreement and a joint statement has been released.

The statement read: "The Premier League and Liverpool FC have reached a constructive agreement regarding the future education of a young player who was unable to register with the club. Under the terms of the agreement, the player will be able to continue his education at his current school."

The statement continued: "He will also be free to join another club in the academy system without that club being required to pay compensation, which has been settled with his former club, Stoke City FC. We understand this has been a difficult situation for the young person. We are pleased for him that it has been resolved and wish him a successful future."

Coaches and young players

Stoke City were paying for the tuition fees of the young boy - something they do for all the players residing in their academy. Liverpool, however, do not pay for their youngster's education and they broke the Premier League guidelines when they offered such benefits to the Stoke City player.

The Reds offered to pay for his school fees until he reached 16 but that meant the club would then have to pay for all the players' fees in the academy - they currently have their youngsters attend Rainhill High School.

Now that embarrassing ordeal has been dealt with, Liverpool will be hoping to move on from the awkward situation behind them and move on.