Manchester United forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic is no easy man to impress. He's usually way too busy impressing himself to be impressed by anyone else.

But a certain man has managed to creep up into the striker's admiration dock, and it's certainly not anyone you'd imagine.

Speaking to ​Volt magazine, the towering Swede revealed that the person he most looks up to is his agent Mino Raiola, the man who engineered his move to Manchester United last year.


According to Zlatan, Raiola "gets everything done so easily".

The player also opened up on life at home with his family, whom he claims to help out like a normal man of the house.

“We do everything from helping with homework, playing video games and watching movies," he said. "We do normal things like any other family. I try to support them in every way I can. Of course I will cook. Especially now when Helena is so busy with my brand AZ.”

He also revealed his favourite book is Paulo Coelho's popular philosophical novel, Alchemist. Quite the man, isn't he?