​With the FIFA Under-17 World Cup in India a little less than 20 days away, the whole country is gearing up to cheer for the young colts in India's first major appearance at a FIFA World Cup in October.

The Indian U-17 team have been consistently performing well in their games and a lot of football fans are hoping they pull up a surprise in the World Cup to start a genuine footballing revolution in the country. However the likes of Brazil and Germany are favorites for the coveted competition.

The world's premier footballing authority, FIFA presented a list of honors up for grabs at the U-17 World Cup in India numerically as follows:

1) An official plaque will be presented to each Participating Member Association. Participation certificates will be presented to each member of each official team delegation.

2) FIFA shall be responsible for the administration of the award ceremony, which shall take place after the final match. A FIFA representative, the head of state of the host country or his/her representative and the heads of delegation of the teams concerned shall be part of the award ceremony.​

3) A representative from FIFA will present the winner of the World Cup with the trophy during the award ceremony.

4) A diploma will be presented to the associations ranked first, second, third and fourth in the final competition.

5) Medals will be presented to each of the top three teams in the final competition, i.e. gold medals to the winners, silver medals to the runners-up and bronze medals to the team ranked third.

6) One medal will be presented to each of the match officials who take charge of the play-off for third place and the final.

7) A fair play contest will be held during the final competition. The FIFA Technical Study Group will determine the ranking at the end of the final competition.

At the end of the coveted tournament, the following awards and accolades will be presented:

1) Fair Play Trophy: 

Prize includes a diploma and a voucher for USD 10,000 worth of football equipment

2) Adidas Golden Boot: 

The Golden Boot will be awarded to the player who scores the most goals in the final competition. If two or more players score the same number of goals, the number of assists (as determined by members of the FIFA Technical Study Group) will be decisive. A Silver Boot and a Bronze Boot for the second and third highest goalscorers will also be awarded.

3) Adidas Golden Ball: 

The Golden Ball will be awarded to the best player in the final competition on the basis of a ranking compiled by the FIFA Technical Study Group. A Silver Ball and a Bronze Ball will be awarded to the second and third best players.

4) Adidas Golden Glove:

The Golden Glove will be awarded to the best goalkeeper in the final competition on the basis of a ranking compiled by the FIFA Technical Study Group.

All information presented has been sourced from FIFA