Manchester United striker ​Romelu Lukaku was the victim of thieves targeting luxury vehicles at Manchester Airport.

The star reportedly left his Mercedes parked up near Terminal 1 before flying out to his native Belgium after the club's Premier League 2-0 victory over Leicester on August 26.

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The car contained a key fob to his £250,000 Rolls Royce Ghost, and two United season tickets for a couple of fans, and as reported by the ​Mirror, a teenager has been arrested for stealing from other cars.

The UK's third-largest airport has been targeted by thieves of late, and 130 car keys and four vehicles were stolen just days before Lukaku's Mercedes was targeted.

The bulk of the thefts have come from the airport's 'meet and greet' car park, but it is not clear whether that is the place the former Everton striker left his car.

It is still also not clear who specifically broke into the Belgian's motor, but 18-year-old Kelsey Winder has admitted handling stolen goods, and has pleaded guilty to 'theft from a vehicle', 'going equipped for theft with a torch hat and gloves' and 'having a folding lock knife'.

Prosecutor Steve Woodman said: "In the early hours of the morning, at around 2am police are informed of two males who appear to be trying car doors in Wythenshawe. At 2.05am they see two males in that location and they start to walk away and the defendant is detained.

"On being detained he is searched and two credit cards are found belonging to another man and a further search reveals he is carrying a torch, a hat and gloves which the crown say equipped him for the theft."