​With FIFA 18 released in a couple of weeks time, numerous footballers have been questioned by the press regarding all the things they love about the new game.

In an interview with ​SFR Sport, Paris Saint-Germain fullback Thomas Meunier revealed the teams he plays with on FIFA including his own club as well as Manchester United, who he refers to as the 'real Manchester'.


When asked about his favourite teams, the Belgian said: "Paris Saint-Germain, of course, but that's mostly to put myself up top. Other than that, Manchester." 

With further questioning, he took a jab at Manchester City and clarified: "United. The real one. Because I've always been a Manchester fan."

Meunier praised the Red Devils for the strength in their squad this year and mentioned a specific player they have in their team that he wished would've joined him in Paris.


"They've really built a good team this year, especially [Nemanja] Matic, who I would have really like to see join Paris Saint-Germain as he's truly exceptional, and regarding the rest, they've got a very good manager, a very good group, a very good fan base.

"They're the perfect club. They're really good," he said.

In the summer transfer window, Meunier was linked to a move to the Premier League as both Chelsea and Tottenham were interested in the right back.

However, PSG denied any offers from the London club and they purchased other fullbacks nearing the end of the window.