Liverpool's disastrous trip to the Etihad had quite a few talking points, but Sadio Mane's dismissal was most certainly the turning point of the tie. According to  ESPN, Sadio Mane has taken upon himself to get even quicker after last week's unfortunate incident.

The Senegalese international rushed to get the ball, but Ederson, the Manchester City stopper, beat him to it. Mane's high foot clattered with the Brazilian, forcing him to go off. Mane was shown a direct red, which would force him to sit out the next three games, including the League double against Leicester. 

Jurgen Klopp, however, doesn't feel like Mane needs to change how he plays the game. He still wants his forward to play the way he usually does - with pace and with aggression. 

"Honestly, I think in the next time I will get the ball before him,'' said the 25-year-old.

"My intention was not to hurt the goalkeeper. It was bad and I wish him the recovery to come back healthy. I think it was a challenge for the ball. Honestly, I was going for the ball, I didn't have intention to hurt him because I am not that kind of player so I wish him a quick recovery.

"I made contact and it was not what I wanted to do so I apologised to him. It is part of football so I cannot change anything."

Mane was taken aback with the colour of the card shown, as he was expecting a little more leniency. 

"Honestly, I was focusing more on the goalkeeper than the card so when I saw the red card I was surprised because I was expecting maybe a yellow card. I will accept it and try to forget,'' he said. 

Liverpool will welcome Burnley next in the Premier League, and with Philippe Coutinho back into the fold, It shouldn't be much difficult for the Reds to see the visitors through.