Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has claimed that Chelsea counterpart should not point to the sale of Nemanja Matic as the cause of their troubles, though he admits that Chelsea are still favorites for the title.

Conte is reportedly displeased with the sale of Matic to Manchester United and their poor start to the season has caused even more questions being asked of the manager.

However, Mourinho claims that Chelsea are still favorites for the title, though they must not blame the sale of Matic for causing problems since they have signed Tiemoue Bakayoko as a replacement.

According to the ​Metro, Mourinho said, "When people say, for example, Chelsea lost an important midfield player, if you lose one but you buy Bakayoko and Drinkwater, for example, what’s the problem?"

"The problem is when you sell and you don’t buy. When you sell and you keep buying, what’s the problem? You are probably even stronger, so I think every top team in the Premier League is potentially strong enough with the financial situation to be fighting for everything."

"They have very good teams, very good players, and I don’t see any reason for them not to be fighting for the title," the Portuguese added.

The former Chelsea and Real Madrid manager also touched upon the fact that he considers Chelsea as one of the favorites for the title.

"For me, the favourite is the champion. Always. Because for some reason they were the champions. It doesn’t mean you are going to win it. I think it is the stamp that you have when you are champion, it is that the next season you are the favourite."

"We’re not favourites, we’re not the dream team. We’re just a team with more confidence than last season, with more time of working together. But I’m calm," he added.

Both sides have had contrasting starts to the season, with Chelsea losing at home to Burnley while Manchester United thrashed West Ham United 4-0 and are looking more likely to challenge for the title than the defending champions.