Four Reasons Why Barcelona is a Dream Destination For Most Brazilian Footballers

Barcelona completed the signing of Paulinho from Guangzhou Evergrande for a fee of €40m and the 29-year old joins an illustrious list of Brazilians to have played for Barcelona. Here we look at four reasons why Barcelona is the dream club for most Brazilian players.

4. One of the most popular club in Brazil

Barcelona are one of the biggest football clubs in the world and are a global brand. They boast of  some of the best players in the game and have been one of the most successful clubs in Europe in the last decade.

A recent survey revealed that the Blaugrana are the most popular and sell more shirts than any other foreign club in Brazil. And that is why it is the most favoured destination for most Brazilian players. 

3. Language Barrier

Language barrier is one of the main reasons why most Brazilians often struggle in England or Germany. Due to lack of South American players in the Premier League and the Bundesliga, La Liga becomes the ideal destination for most players.

Most players in Barcelona can speak either Spanish or Portuguese which the Brazilians find more easy to adapt to and hence prefer to move to Spain. 

2. Style of play

Brazilians are renowned for their technical skills and flair that they bring to football. And the Spanish league is known for free flowing football when compared with, for example, the Premier League where the game is more rigid and more about physicality. 

That is why, Barcelona and Real Madrid are the dream destinations for most South Americans and between them, the Blaugrana are preferred by many due to the tiki taka style of play which is more suited to their natural game.

1. Opportunity to emulate their heroes

Some of the greatest players from Brazil have represented Barcelona. Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Romario and most recently Neymar are just a few of the names to have put on the famed jersey. 

So it is only for natural for a youngster to dream about playing where many of their heroes have won trophies and are considered as legends. And that's what makes Barcelona a dream destination for most Brazilians.