​Arsenal legend Thierry Henry is of the opinion that the Premier League trophy should be named after one of the most successful manager in footballing history, Sir Alex Ferguson to honour the Scot manager's contributions to the beautiful game.

75-year-old Ferguson announced his retirement in 2013 after winning his 13th Premier League title as Manchester United manager. Henry, who spearheaded Arsenal against Sir Alex's United teams over the years, insisted that the United legend deserves an immortal status on the Premier League trophy.

Speaking about Sir Alex, Henry told ​The Telegraph, "When I met him for the first time, I called him Mr. Premier League. Thirteen. this is ridiculous. The trophy we see right there should have his name."

Henry, who appeared on Sky Sports' 25th year anniversary programme with former United captain Roy Keane and Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish continued, "People might disagree with this, and I'm not a Man United fan. Thirteen times? This is too much."

What impressed the French footballer the most was Sir Alex's ability to re-build the team over the years as he concluded, "His ability to change his staff, bring a new number two and a new voice helped. I think he knew what he wasn't good at and so he selected coaches to do the stuff he wasn't good at."

Previously too, Henry had ​stated that Sir Alex Ferguson and Ryan Giggs should have their names engraved on the Premier League trophy to celebrate their success.