It's pretty safe to say Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos didn't see eye-to-eye during Madrid's 5-1 dismantling of ​Barcelona during the two-legs of the Spanish Super Cup.

However, things got especially heated during an incident in the most recent leg of the El Classico Final, as Messi produced some choice words for Los Blanco's captain following the Madrid skipper throwing the ball above his head when Barca were awarded a free-kick.

Things quickly escalated after the ball-throwing, as the Argentine's frustration at Ramos' behaviour, and most likely his side's impending defeat, came to a head when - according to ​Marca - Messi exclaimed the Spanish insult “La concha de tu madre,” which translates as “Your mother’s c***.” 

Fans on Twitter quickly made their opinions known, and the on-field spat quickly turned into a viral off-field discussion between both rival supporters and neutrals:

​​It will certainly be a spectacle when the two meet again on the pitch, as the added intensity of Messi's verbal jousting with Ramos will only serve to make Barcelona's attempts at revenge for their two leg defeat even more tasty for football lovers to watch.