​Paul Pogba has explained how the signing of Nemanja Matic has allowed him to change his playing style from his first season at Manchester United, saying that he has been freed up to attack more by the Serbian's presence. 

Quoted by the ​Evening Standard this week, the Frenchman - who scored in United first Premier League game of the season against West Ham on the weekend - hailed the team's unity coming into the new campaign. 

"Against West Ham, Matic was starting behind and I could worry more about attacking. I feel good playing that way, but it depends on what the manager wants,” he said.

"I’m always confident. I always give my best and I know more about the Premier League and I’ve adapted more with the team. When you know the team more, you know how to play alongside them. You get on better. You just get a different feeling. You could see against West Ham, everybody was getting along well and playing for each other."

Jose Mourinho ​has also spoken on Matic's arrival since the deal went through at the end of last month - admitting some surprise that the deal was allowed to go through. He said: "Only thing I know is that, of course, with Chelsea money, I brought him to Stamford Bridge because I thought he was a player with special qualities. And since I left, I always thought he could be a perfect player for us.

"But I didn't disturb him, I didn't disturb Chelsea. I never thought it was possible unless something special was happening, and it looked like something was happening because his agent told me, 'You can have him; you just have to pay.' So, we have him and we are very happy with that. He is a player that our team needs."​​