​Hoffenheim manager Juilan Nagelsmann has expressed his anger at Jurgen Klopp's post match comments stating that the Reds were able to deal with all problems posed by the Bundesliga outfit during their Champions League play-off encounter last night.

Liverpool won 2-1 in Germany and Klopp claimed that his side "played defensively really well because the plan was to let them play in the spaces that we believe were not dangerous."

However, Nagelsmann cited that his team enjoyed 63% of the game's possession and stated that Klopp was merely trying to sound positive after Liverpool were dominated by Hoffenheim.

Reacting to Klopp's comments, Nagelsmann told ​Liverpool Echo, "No, I don’t agree. We had the ball in many important spaces. He has to say that and defend his team."

The 30-year-old coach continued, "He won’t say ‘Hoffenheim played so well and we were s***’. I can give one example when (Sandro) Wagner played a square pass into space that was an important ball and another situations with Serge Gnabry and many others.”

Nagelsmann also opined that the defeat was unfair on his players as they conceded goals via a free kick and a deflected effort. He said, "I feel we played a really good match, especially in the first half and had the better, clearer chances. We had two good chances with Gnabry and the penalty, which was a bit unlucky."

The Hoffenheim coach claimed that the defeat was rather unlucky as he concluded, "We didn't allow loads of counter-attacks and then came the free-kick - and that was unlucky for us. The second goal Milner let himself celebrate but the shot was deflected. We weren't the worst team but the least lucky.”

The young manager will now prepare his team for the second leg at Anfield which is surely going to be a tough prospect for Hoffenheim as they plan to cause a major upset and knock Liverpool out of the Champions League.