Former Ajax, Juventus and Tottenham midfielder Edgar Davids has won a lawsuit against the creators of online multiplayer game League of Legends, for the similarities with the fictional character 'Striker Lucian, according to Goal.

Riot Games, the developers of the popular online multiplayer, were adamant that the similarities between their character and the former Dutch international was not enough to confuse the two and, therefore, not worthy of a lawsuit.

One key flaw in the defence was a tweet from a Riot employee in 2014 that read: "For all you wondering, Striker Lucian was inspired by soccer pro Edgar Davids." The tweet has since been deleted.

Although there are obvious similarities with the characters hair, for example, the most notable part of the Striker Lucian's appearances is what appears to be the iconic glasses that the former Juventus star was known worldwide for wearing.

​​"The court has come to the conclusion that the skin should be considered as a portrait," an excerpt from court documents stated. 

"Striker Lucian is so similar to the former player - dark skin, sporting look, aggressive style, black dreadlocks and sporting goggles - that the skin and images of Striker Lucian remind people of the player. That assessment has taken context and the purpose of use of the portrait into account.

"The player's marketable popularity is enough reason for the former player to fight the use of his portrait. The player's interests outweigh the commercial interests of the game to offer the Striker Lucian skin and no reasonable compensation has been offered to the player. Riot Games, therefore, owe the player a compensation fee."

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Riot Games will now have to calculate how much money they have made as a direct use of the Striker Lucian skin, leaving the next decision for the court to decide how much money needs to be paid in compensation to the former Dutch international.