5 Clubs With the Most Followers on Instagram

Arjun Singh Devgan
The Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona Club Badges
The Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona Club Badges / Visionhaus/Getty Images

Social media has become a big part not of only the footballers lives, but is also used by top clubs to connect with their fans and supporters. Here, we take a look at the five clubs with the most followers on Instagram.

1. Real Madrid - 98m

Real Madrid are not only the most successful club in Europe but also the most popular among fans on Instagram, as seen by the 98million followers they have at present.

There is no doubt that the Los Blancos will only add to their following in the foreseeable future.

2. Barcelona - 96.6m

Barcelona are not far behind their great rivals in the popularity stakes, with the Catalan giants having 96.6million followers at the time of writing. Their history, success and the fact that they have Lionel Messi in their ranks only adds to their growing admirers.

3. Juventus - 48.6m

That Juventus are placed third can be attributed to the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo plays for them, but also because there is no doubt that they are the most successful club in Italy.

The Bianconeri have had a number of great players represent them in the past and they will look to hold on to Ronaldo for the foreseeable future.

4. Manchester United - 40.4m

The most successful and popular club in Premier League history, Manchester United are one of the most followed clubs in the world. They have huge popularity across the world, especially in Asia, with a lot of fans big followers of the Red Devils.

5. Paris Saint-Germain - 35.1m

That Paris Saint-Germain are ahead of a number of other top European clubs goes to show just how much they have progressed in terms of prestige and popularity in recent times.

The French giants have in Kylian Mbappe and Neymar - two superstars and they will look to make a dent in Europe in the near future.