​A video game enthusiast has earned himself a spot in the Guinness World Records by playing the longest ever game of Football Manager.

Darren Bland recently entered his 154th season with Serie A club Fiorentina, and is now officially a world record holder, having played the ‘Longest Single Game of Football Manager’ in history, with the effort being recognised on the ​official website on the Guinness World Records.

Bland managed to rack up an incredible 173 days, 16 hours and 51 minutes on the 2010 edition of the game, reaching an in-game age of 190 years of age, which also would have made him the longest living person in his Football Manager universe. Bland had reached the year 2163 by the time his game was brought to an end.

Just how did the mammoth effort finish? Bland spilt liquid onto his laptop, and knew straight away that his immediate FM career was over.

Darren won the Serie A title in 151 of the 154 seasons he was in charge of the club, which undoubtedly makes him the greatest manager ever. He also broke the world record transfer fee, splashing out an incredible £105m on Luis Tejedor, who signed for the club in 2040.

Darren actually tried to convert his prowess in the virtual world to the real one by applying for a vacant Liverpool manager position, and although he was ultimately turned down for the position despite his impressive, albeit video game based CV, the Reds' loss was Fiorentina's gain.

Given the recent release of the 2017 edition of FM, Bland's world record may well come under pressure from many wannabe football managers looking to cement their place in history.