Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has declared that he does not consider any of his players to simply be a 'Plan B' option, instead stating ahead of Sunday's North London Derby that everyone is a 'regular' and will play if they are more right than someone else for any given game.

It is a particular boost for Olivier Giroud, who has largely had to make do with a role from the bench this season. His arrival against Sunderland last week before scoring twice to win the game for the Gunners had 'Plan B' written all over it, but Wenger has said that is not the case.


"There is no Plan B in any [Arsenal matchday] squad, I never thought about my players like that," Wenger explained as he addressed the media ahead of the weekend (

"The team who is the most effective for the next game, that's what you pick and I consider everyone as a regular player. If he is involved in the next game in your mind, he plays. If not then he doesn't start.

"[Giroud] has shown he is a huge asset for the club and I have always supported him," he added.


"No matter who plays (on Sunday) I have a squad of 25 players who are all top class and I think this game, a game of that stature, is not about 11 - it's about 25.

"Everybody is focused, everybody is ready to contribute and everybody's contribution will count on Sunday. We have show that recently in the games. [Giroud] came on against Sunderland and made the difference. It just shows that everybody's contribution will be absolutely vital."

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