​Juventus left-back Patrice Evra has been left dissatisfied with his team's start to the season, and has urged the club's new signings to step up.

The former Manchester United defender believes that Juve are a cut above the rest in Italy, and it's quite different when playing for the Italian side.


Juve are on top of the standings in the Italian top flight, leading AS Roma by four points after 11 games this season. However, they are second in their group in the Champions League, two points below Sevilla, and were booed after drawing 1-1 with Lyon on Wednesday. 

“I’m not saying that everything is fine and we are playing great football, because I too am not satisfied with the performances of this team, as we can do 10 times better," the France international said, via ​Football Italia.

“However, we’ve only been together for three months. There are new signings and it’s not easy, because it’s one thing to play for any team and quite another to play for Juventus.

“Here you cannot get anything wrong. You get a draw and it’s the end of the world, if you lose a game then it seems as if someone has died.

“At the end of the day, it’s the objective that counts, which is to win the Scudetto and Champions League. As (Max) Allegri said, it’s not as if we’re going to achieve that today or tomorrow.


“I do agree that our style of football can be criticised. I want to win, in a calm way and that means controlling the game. We mustn’t think ‘oh we won and that’s the most important thing,’ then go out to laugh and joke in training.

“No, Allegri tells us what is good and what’s not working, we watch the videos back and try to improve. But it’s not easy, as this is a new group of talented players who still don’t know each other well and a team is not built in three months.

“I want people to judge us at the end and in that case they’ll call us ‘failures’ if we haven’t won anything.”