Back in the day - 2013 to be precise - Joey Barton once claimed the following on Twitter: 

Of course, the footballing community's subsequent response was this:


You would have thought that particular tweet was one of Joey Barton's most regretful, considering the Brazilian's subsequent meteoric rise to the top of the world game since 2013 - hell, he was still more than decent when Barton sent the tweet in the first place...

Well, it seems he's learned nothing. (Hey. It's Joey Barton.) 

The Rangers midfielder - who bizarrely still doesn't seem to rate Neymar - had another slightly more subtle dig at the Ballon d'Or nominee during Barcelona's defeat at Manchester City on Tuesday night. 


While there was no comparison to cat piss this time, it still incurred the wrath of fans of Neymar.

For those who don't realise the 'joke', Neymar didn't leave the field during the interval and Barton was basically hinting that he may as well have done considering how little he contributed during the second period.





It was a risky move from Barton to once again criticise such a popular and successful player. Maybe he wanted to instigate the sarcastic responses from other Twitter users. Who knows what goes on inside the ex-Newcastle man's head.

Back to the football itself, Neymar brilliantly set up Lionel Messi for Barca's opener on Tuesday night, but was quiet in the second half as Pep Guardiola's side turned the game on its head.

He was no less involved than Messi or Luis Suarez after the break though, so maybe Barton has a personal disagreement with the 'Justin Bieber of football'.