​Chelsea striker Diego Costa can be a pain just about anywhere. The enigmatic Brazil-born Spaniard does not like to lose, and it doesn't matter where.

A meaningful game out on the pitch or a friendly videogame session with a mate is all the same to Costa. He just doesn't want to lose and will make you pay for it if you ever beat him at FIFA 17.


Some may understand that part of it, but he'd struggle to find people who understand that the outcome is very much the same, or even worse, when he wins. 

When we beat our friends at FIFA, we're normally cool with bragging rights, but that's not enough for Costa. He just enjoys inflicting pain on his opponents.

Just take a look at what happens to the poor guy below after losing a game to the Premier League's current top scorer.


​​It really is your fault if you play with him after seeing these.