Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho the lack of a winning mentality in his current squad is a possible reason for the club's slow start to the season​, according to ​ESPN.

Mourinho took charge at Old Trafford in the summer and despite a decent early start to the campaign, form has taken quite the hit recently - with the club winning only one of their last six games. 

United play Burnley on Saturday afternoon, but Mourinho believes the lack of "winning" players like Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes makes it difficult for his side to hit their full potential at the moment. He said: "In three months it is not so easy to change the most difficult thing to change, which are personalities. The style of play, even with mistakes, you can change here and there.

"But at the psychological level it takes more time, especially if you go against the nature of some of the personalities when you don't have a very experienced squad where everybody knows how to win, what is needed to win, that consistency level you must have psychologically to cope with that routine of victories.

"Because the routine of victories is very difficult to have and to cope with. It's easier than the routine of defeats, but it is difficult also to cope with the routine of victories.

"Keeping that consistency and that's the most difficult time of the process, so we need time. It is always the same story. Some clubs have all the time they want, some managers have all the time they want.

"And some other clubs you want immediately success and with some other managers it's exactly the same. But that's Manchester United and that's Jose Mourinho. No problem.''

United did win the FA Cup last season - their first major trophy since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013 - but Mourinho believes it'll take more hard work to make his current crop ready to challenge on all fronts. That's even while they still remain in four competitions.

Fussball: CL 03/04, VfB Stuttgart - Manchester United

He added: "It's not the way I prefer, it's just the way it is. This is a moment when I arrive in the club without Scholes and Giggs, and Keane and Robson. I arrive later with a very good group of players to work with, but many of them are not the end product.

"They are not ready, ready, ready, and some of them like Michael (Carrick) are in a period where they are phenomenal players but they are not the ones with (ages of) 24 or 25.

"This is a process but I don't change a word from the first day of the season - in this club you must say always 'we want to win.' We keep saying 'we want to win' and in this moment we still have four competitions to win and let's see, out of the four, we can win four, three, two, one or nothing.''

United beat rivals Manchester City earlier this week, and are now prepared to welcome Sean Dyche's Clarets to Old Trafford later on.

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