​Delhi Dynamos host FC Pune City later on today as they look to put an end to their 4 man winless streak as they have been pretty disappointing after initially starting the season on the right foot. 

​Gianluca Zambrotta is hoping that his players can improve and urged them on to learn from their mistakes in the past. But he isn't too worried about his side, as he's pleased with their ability to create chances and states that they're on the right path as he said: “I think that the equation is somewhat same because in the last game we had quite a lot of opportunities to score. Unfortunately, we did not kill the match but again when we have a lot of opportunities to score then it’s not a problem for me. Just of course we have to follow the same philosophy and try to learn from our mistake and get better in the next game.”

​When asked about the areas of improvement in the team, Zambrotta explained: “We are improving and are getting better. In defence we have done a good job. But in offence we need to do better because we have very good players and they are not doing their best. If you have to look at the total balance from pre-season till now, then we are very happy about the team but of course we are hoping for much better.”

​But Zambrotta still maintains that qualifying for the knockout stages remains as the goal for the Lions and hopes they can achieve that as he added: 
“We still have to play two matches against Goa and Pune to have a total understanding of all our opponents. It is true that if you analyse the situation and the other teams, then it is a very balanced championship and if you win or lose in one match everything can change. What is the target for us? Of course, the minimum target is to be in the first four places to qualify for the semis.”

​Delhi succumbed to a defeat to Atletico De Kolkata who were playing with 10 men and when asked whether that loss can have any effect on his team, Zambrotta replied: “We have done a good match against Kolkata and had prepared for the match in a good way. Unfortunately, in the match we had made some mistake but its football and its sometimes cruel and it’s like this. Especially if it happened a few days ago but if you are positive and are thinking positive this will be very important as a new opportunity to get better.” Zambrotta will hope his team can turn it around and get back on track with a win against Pune City.