​Jurgen Klopp has certainly earned many admirers so far since his arrival at Liverpool for his tactical knowledge and eccentric personality.

But it seems the German coach's skills aren't confined to football, as he appeared to hug departing youngster Trent Alexander-Arnold twice on Tuesday night. Klopp was there to congratulate the right back on his performance in the 2-1 EFL Cup win against Tottenham as he departed the pitch - and then he was there again...


Of course, those in the know would have realised that is fitness coach Andreas Kornmayer, although at first glance there's very little difference between the two. 

Same hairstyle, same glasses, same coat. Even the same facial hair. It's surprising Klopp has never sent Kornmayer to do an inconvenient interview or press conference in his stead.

The fitness coach came to prominence in a 4-0 win against Barcelona in pre-season, fans noticing him sitting behind Klopp and noting the remarkable similarities in appearance.

Unfortunately then, Klopp is not a magician. If Liverpool win the league this season, though, he might well be considered one.