​Thierry Henry was the talk of the town as Atletico de Kolkata saw their unbeaten streak come to an end when they lost to Mumbai City FC, as the Frenchman was in the stands watching the game which naturally gave the players extra motivation to reap out their best performance with a footballing legend of the game watching.

​The Assistant Manager of Belgium's national side seemed to be enjoying the game and spoke to Indian Super League's official website in an interview as he was asked about his experience of the game and said: "Well, so far so good, I left this morning and came to see the game. The game needed a goal, the goal came late but other than that it was a good atmosphere. I’ve heard the atmosphere is better in the other stadium, but you can’t get everything. Today was a good game of football, we saw two good goalkeepers and we saw Diego Forlan doing what he does best, putting the ball into the back of the net."

​He was asked whether the involvement of world-class players like Forlan and Postiga and coaches like Molina and Zico will improve the condition of Indian football to which he answered: "
Well for sure, it does help massively when you have players like these in the league. What will help more is if you can develop a lot of young players from India playing alongside these guys and learning about the game. That will be amazing."

​Being such a legendary striker himself, Henry was asked about his tips for emerging strikers in the country and stated: "
Keep working hard, make sure you are the best player you can be, have the desire for goals but also have your signature move and your own way of playing."

​He was also asked some personal questions like the toughest player he has played against and the best player he has played with, to which he answered: "Best player I have played with is Dennis Bergkamp and the toughest player I have played against depends on the day. When I wasn’t having a good day my dad could have defended me and when I was having a good day I was unstoppable so I would just say it depended on me. I’m not taking away credit from anyone, I played against some tough people but at the end of the game I would always say ‘I didn’t play well’."

Henry continued, "That was a way to keep me on my toes and making sure I could work on stuff to make sure they were not going to stop me again. But it depends, I had bad games against people you would say ‘really!’ and I had good games against people you would say ‘Oh, wow!’ It just depended on the day." as Henry raised the bar for the thrilling match between Kolkata and Mumbai, which the latter snatched away in the end with a prolific goal from Diego Forlan to send them to the top of the table.