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4 Premier League club owners who fans hate/hated

Arjun Singh Devgan
The Venky family are the current owners of Blackburn Rovers
The Venky family are the current owners of Blackburn Rovers / ANDREW YATES/GettyImages

The Premier League is without doubt the biggest and most competitive league in the world, and club owners in England are often at the center of the attention from the media, fans and former players.

There are a number of owners who are loved by the club faithful, but not all of them are loved and here, we take a look five Premier League club owners who the fans hated.

1. Mike Ashley (Newcastle United)

Mike Ashley
Oxford United v Newcastle United - FA Cup Fourth Round: Replay / James Williamson - AMA/GettyImages

The most recent owner to sell his club, Mike Ashley was a polarizing figure and was so disliked that Newcastle fans celebrated on the streets when it emerged that he had sold the club to the PIF Group.

Newcastle had deteriorated under his stewardship, so much so that they continue to suffer the effects of his decisions. It will be interesting to see how they fare under their new owners going forward.

2. Venky family (Blackburn Rovers)

New Blackburn Rovers owners Indian broth
New Blackburn Rovers owners Indian broth / ANDREW YATES/GettyImages

Blackburn Rovers are a historic club and much was expected from the Indian VH Group when they bought the club in November 2010. However, it soon emerged that they were not fit to own a football club as Blackburn were relegated from the Premier League in 2012 - something from which they have not recovered yet.

It might come as a surprise that the Venky family are still in charge of the club, much to the chagrin of the fans who have protested their ownership ever since they took over.

3. Tom Hicks and George Gillett

Tom Hicks, George Gillett
Liverpool Football Club Confirms Takeover Bid / Getty Images/GettyImages

Liverpool started brightly under the tenure of Tom Hicks and George Gillett, but things took a turn for the worse once they fell out as they continuously failed to qualify for the Champions League, saw a number of their star players leave and plunged the club into debt.

The Reds fans finally got their wish when the dup sold the club to FSG in 2011.

4. Glazer family (Manchester United)

Avram Glazer
Manchester United Training Session and Press Conference / Michael Regan/GettyImages

The Glazer family are arguably the most hated football owners in the recent past as they have been instrumental in the downfall of Manchester United in the recent past.

The Glazers continue to own the majority of the stake in the club and their ownership has seen the Premier League giants accrue massive debts over time.