​Goal celebrations have always been an amusing thing. Whether it's acrobatic flips, a well rehearsed dance routine or the good old handshake, a goalscorer must find their own way of celebrating. 

New England Revolution striker Kei Kamara unveiled his latest idea by twerking in celebration, having scored his team's third and final goal in their 3-0 win over Montreal Impact in the MLS last Sunday. 

Although Kamara's team were unable to make the play-offs this year, that didn't stop him enjoying the moment with this rather unusual routine. 

Sadly for the striker, the referee failed to see the funny side or perhaps took offence to Kamara's twerk, but either way, the official was quick to book the player when he returned to the halfway line for the game to restart. 

In fairness to the striker, the finish was worthy of a good dance but maybe its best to leave those types of moves for the dance floor of a nightclub.

Kamara isn't even the first player in American sports to be hit with a punishment for twerking on-field, with Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown hit with an on-field penalty and a $12,154 fine for a similar incident after a touchdown.

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