15 Football Facts That Sound Fake But are Actually True

Mudeet Arora
Football facts that sound fake but are actually true
Football facts that sound fake but are actually true / Nicolò Campo/Getty Images

Football fans across social media are pretty incredible.

During the whole past year, as the world was in isolation, many fans have come up with some incredible threads on Twitter sharing interesting facts about the events in the beautiful game's history.

One such fan @NaifFCB started a discussion on Twitter by asking fans to share footballing facts that sounded fake but are actually pretty true.

The thread threw up some incredible facts and we bring you 15 of the best among them!

15. Jose Mourinho went nine years out without losing a home game

14. Stefan Schwarz had a bizarre "Space clause" in his Sunderland contract

13. Kingsley Coman has won the league in every year he's been a professional footballer

12. Real Madrid beat their own reserve side in the 1980 Copa Del Rey final

11. Zlatan has played for six teams to have won the European Cup/Champions League but hasn't won it himself.

10. Gary Lineker never received a yellow card in his career

9. Wayne Rooney, Gareth Bale and Kevin Davies are the only three players to have scored, assisted and put through their own net in same game.

8. Steve Bruce once scored 19 goals from centre-back in a season

Lionel Messi, Neymar
Neymar and Messi too form part of the 15 weirdest football facts / NELSON ALMEIDA/Getty Images

7. Spain won the World Cup scoring just eight goals

6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo have scored in every minute of the 90 in games throughout their careers

5. Theo Walcott has more Champions League goals than Ronaldo Nazario, Zidane, Klose, Villa and Hazard.

4. Jose Mourinho didn't win a single Manager of the Month award in two of his three Premier League title winning seasons.

3. Philipp Lahm avoided making fouls for over a year.

2. Neymar won the La Liga player of the month award before Lionel Messi did for the first time

1. Manchester United have NEVER lost a Premier League game at Old Trafford after leading at half-time