10 Sports Teams With the Highest Wage Bill in the World

Mudeet Arora
Clubs with the highest wage bills
Clubs with the highest wage bills / 90min

Lionel Messi's transfer to Paris Saint-Germain has ended up making the French football club paying the highest wages to their stars in global sport.

Earlier, big franchisees from American football, baseball and other sports ranked equal or higher than our beautiful game but PSG's entry into this list makes them the club paying the highest amount of wages to their stars.

Messi is rumoured to be earning an unbelievable £1m-a-week at PSG. Add that to the enormous amounts Neymar and Mbappe earn, we surely have a huge wage bill in three players itself.

With figures provided by Spotrac and Salary Sport, we bring you the clubs/franchises from different sports with the highest annual wage bill in today's time from multiple sports.

10. Cleveland Browns - £158m

9. Chelsea - £159m

8. Dallas Cowboys - £159m

7. Bayern Munich - £166m

6. Juventus - £184m

5. Manchester United - £193m

4. Los Angeles Dodgers - £193m

3. Barcelona - £195m

2. Real Madrid - £212m

1. Paris Saint-Germain - £256m

Meanwhile, there have been a lot of reports with regards to when Messi will make his PSG debut.

We believe Messi will make his bow after the international break against Clermont Foot on September 12.

Sky Sports, meanwhile, have reported that Messi is expected to make his PSG debut on August 29 against Reims.