The 10 worst kits at Euro 2024 - ranked

  • Euro 2024 has brought a host of new kits from competing nations
  • Nike, adidas and Puma are among the main manufacturers
  • However, not all the new shirts are particularly impressive
Croatia's home shirt is dire
Croatia's home shirt is dire / Pixsell/MB Media/GettyImages

Euro 2024 is finally here. That means day after day of beautiful football, barbecues in the back garden and some glorious new kits to drool over.

But let's put all that positivity to one side for just a moment. That's not why we're here. No, we're here to look at the really stonking international shirts that have been released for this summer's tournament, the real bottom of the barrel honkers.

Thankfully, there are plenty to choose from, so here are the ten worst kits at Euro 2024.

10. Scotland home

John McGinn - Soccer Player
Not the tartan we wanted / Visionhaus/GettyImages

Positive: Look, it's some tartan.
Negative: Why the hell does the tartan look like that!?

Having produced some banging shirts in recent years, including Scotland's 2024 away jersey, adidas really let the Tartan Army down with this one.

The colour is great, the yellow accents are acceptable, but that tartan pattern looks like a cat has been at your grandma's blanket. Shocking.

9. Slovenia home

Benjamin Sesko
Benjamin Sesko's value has diminished in this shirt / Soccrates Images/GettyImages

Positive: Nature-inspired kits can look pretty neat
Negative: This doesn't look pretty neat

Slovenia's kits always draw inspiration from the country's mountains, with some iterations working far better than others. This one, teamed with the fact that it's printed on an old Nike template shirt, is poor.

The vertical stripe running halfway up the shirt is just odd, too.

8. Turkey home

Italy v Turkiye - Friendlies
We've seen this kit before / Anadolu/GettyImages

Positive: I's not too bad, right?
Negative: Have Turkey ever made a different shirt?

If you've got a Turkey shirt post 2010, it's probably this one. Whether the home or away jersey, they release this design every single year without fail.

Honestly, go and check.

7. Switzerland home

Granit Xhaka, Remo Freuler, Steven Zuber
The mix of reds is not it / Carsten Harz/GettyImages

Positive: It doesn't burn your eyes to look at
Negative: Not even Fabian Schar can make this look good

Have Switzerland ever made a remotely interesting football shirt? That's a rhetorical question, the answer is no.

Not to sound too Gok Wan, but those burgundy shorts just don't work.

6. Portugal away

Bernardo Silva
Imagine winning the Euros in this / Carlos Rodrigues/GettyImages

Positive: They've tried something different
Negative: A poor man's Norway 2020 away shirt

Inspired by Portugal's architecture, this shirt may have hit different had it not been for Norway's already-done-it gorgeous, iconic 2020/21 away jersey.

Unfortunately, it just looks like a poor imitation.

5. Ukraine away

Germany v Ukraine - International Friendly
Joma are not kings of shirts / Sebastian El-Saqqa - firo sportphoto/GettyImages

Positive: A nice colour scheme
Negative: It's manufactured by Joma

Joma don't exactly have a back catalogue of classic kits. This isn't their worst effort, but it's dull and lacking any sort of wow factor.

4. Czech Republic home

Yep, that's a red t-shirt / MICHAL CIZEK/GettyImages

Positive: The blue accents give it...something
Negative: It's a red t-shirt

It's been a while since Czech Republic have been a glamorous international side and they certainly won't be winning any style awards this summer.

This is another red t-shirt from the Czech Rpeublic x Puma collaboration.

3. Serbia home

Positive: The blue accents give it...something
Negative: This is the Czech Republic home shirt

C'mon Puma, live a little. It feels like a copy and paste.

2. Croatia home

Lovro Majer, Josip Juranovic
Croatia's checkerboard pattern is a bit too extreme / Pixsell/MB Media/GettyImages

Positive: They'll be playing in their away kit half the time
Negative: 2000s skater vibes gone wrong

Croatia love their checkerboard pattern, but it's gone too far this time.

The asymmetry is also sending my OCD into overdrive.

1. Romania home

Nicoale Stanciu
Uh oh, it's Joma again / Vasile Mihai-Antonio/GettyImages

Positive: Romania probably won't wear this at Euro 2024 for too long
Negative: It's another Joma shirt

Romania's home and away shirt are interchangeable in the number one spot, with the latter the same the kit but in red.

It's basically a yellow t-shirt. That's it.