The big day is fast approaching, guys and gals!

The official release of the new FIFA 21 game is looming on the horizon, and us gamers are slowly beginning to learn which players will be decent starting cards on Ultimate Team, and which stars we will be building towards over the coming months.

One of the most crucial skills in FIFA is passing. Good passing statistics can be the difference between a perfectly threaded through ball to secure a last-minute winner, or FUT Champs heartbreak and a broken pad.

A selection of FIFA's best passers from the upcoming 2021 edition

So, who are the players you should be looking towards to split your opponents in half? 90min has got you covered with a list of the top 20 passers on FIFA 21.

20. Mesut Ozil - Passing (85)

Ozil has lost his place in the Arsenal side

How did this guy sneak in here? Okay, so Mesut Ozil has hardly played over the past couple of years, and his assists have vanished along with him, but he was once one of the best in the business.

Only 82-rated, the Arsenal outcast could be a very handy starter card for your Premier League team.

19. Thiago Alcantara - Passing (85)

Thiago is in high demand by Premier League clubs

Currently a Bundesliga gem, will Thiago Alcantara be switching to the Premier League anytime soon? If he does, the United Kingdom will be receiving one of the top 20 passers in the world.

Known for his silky style and calming presence on the ball, Thiago will be in high demand, whichever league he chooses.

18. Marco Verratti - Passing (85)

Verratti in action for PSG

A snappy, relentless Yorkshire Terrier of a midfielder, Marco Verratti can also knock it about, too. The Italian is fiery and ruthless out of possession, but when he is handed the ball, ice runs through his veins.

With his 85 passing skills, he lines up as the best midfield mover of a ball in Ligue 1.

17. Neymar - Passing (86)

Neymar shocked at receiving an 86 passing rating

Not too far ahead, is the one and only Neymar. Celebrated for his tricks, flicks, and samba dribbling, the Brazilian star can also pick a pass when he fancies giving the ball to his teammates.

Doesn't happen too often, though.

16. Joao Moutinho - Passing (86)

Moutinho has been superb during his time at Wolves

Wolverhampton Wanderers' metronome Joao Moutinho has been rewarded with another impressive FIFA card. Although his 56 pace makes him an unattractive option in your midfield, he certainly knows how to retain possession - something that has become vital on recent editions of FIFA.

15. Joshua Kimmich - Passing (86)

Kimmich has become a sensational holding midfielder for Bayern

88-rated CDM Joshua Kimmich is a must-have in your Bundesliga midfield. With every stat surpassing 70, he is a real all-rounder, and as a possible anchor at the base of your team, there are very few better options.

Get him in!

14. Paul Pogba - Passing (86)

Pogba has been downgraded to an 86 rating

One of the shock downgrades for the new FIFA, Paul Pogba has been knocked to an 86 card. The sacrilege. However, his passing remains the strongest feature to his play, closely followed by dribbling and physical.

He's still going to be crazy expensive.

13. Luis Alberto - Passing (86)

Luis Alberto has become a star for Lazio

A massive improver on FIFA in recent years, Luis Alberto's reputation continues to flourish. Another stellar season with SS Lazio has seen him bag an 85 overall rating, coupled with 86 passing statistics.

This card is only a few in-forms away from being an absolute bullet CAM.

12. Pedro Leon - Passing (87)

Pedro Leon is a surprise inclusion on the list

One of the lesser-known stars on this illustrious list, Pedro Leon is a handy starter card for anyone looking to build a cheap La Liga team. Now 33 years of age, he doesn't quite possess the same spring to his step as in previous seasons, but he remains a super-cheap addition to your side.

11. Trent Alexander-Arnold - Passing (87)

Alexander-Arnold is an assist machine

The only defender on this list, Trent Alexander-Arnold has rightly stormed into the top 20 best passers of a football. Boosted by his pinpoint delivery and cross-field diagonals, the Liverpool star is destined to be one of the best full-backs on the game this year.

10. Miralem Pjanic - Passing (87)

Pjanic waves goodbye to an empty Juventus stadium

Barcelona's new midfield maestro Miralem Pjanic will be expected to ignite a new fire in Catalonia, and he'll need his magic passing boots to do so. The Bosnian has been a star performer in Serie A for AS Roma and Juventus, but his time has come to deliver on one of the biggest stages of all.

Will you give him a crack in your midfield? One of my favourite players on FIFA 17 with an 86 in form, not that you asked.

9. Hakim Ziyech - Passing (87)

Ziyech turned on the style in a friendly against Brighton

A proper baller. Much is expected of Hakim Ziyech at Chelsea this season, and FIFA is not putting an end to the hype with their 85 rating of the Moroccan.

The magician has been handed 87 passing, and with his delicious crosses and outrageous vision, it's hard to argue with their decision.

8. Bruno Fernandes - Passing (88)

Fernandes' arrival turned Man Utd's season on its head

It turns out that Bruno Penandes (hahaaaaa) can do more than just score penalties. The Portuguese star's ability to unlock defences and conjure match-winning moments has seen him rewarded with an 87 rated card, with 88 passing.

A free-kick maestro too, Fernandes will be a deadly set-piece specialist for your Premier League team.

7. David Silva - Passing (88)

Silva's long stay at Man City has finally come to an end

How Lazio will be kicking themselves for not getting this deal over the line. David Silva, Manchester City's pass-master, has finally left the Premier League club.

Now plying his trade with Real Sociedad after turning down le Aquile at the last second, the Spaniard will be up to his usual tricks in La Liga, glossing and gliding his way through 90 minutes.

6. Christian Eriksen - Passing (88)

Eriksen has struggled since arriving at Inter

Christian Eriksen becomes Serie A's highest-rated passer for FIFA 21. The Danish superstar may be struggling to break into Antonio Conte's plans in real life, but in our virtual world, the Inter man is the cream of the crop.

With his passing, shooting and dribbling all breaking the 80 barrier, he is undoubtedly one of the best CAMs on the game.

5. Luka Modric - Passing (89)

Modric in action in Madrid's new third kit

The only Ballon d'Or winner other than the big two since 2008, Luka Modric ranks fifth in the best passers of FIFA 21. The Croatian's 73 pace makes him an extremely usable card for La Liga lovers, and with only his physical falling below the 70 mark, he can be a permanent fixture in your side for a number of months.

He won't be cheap, mind.

4. Dani Parejo - Passing (90)

Parejo will be a cracking addition for Villarreal this year

What is it with FIFA giving great passers such poor running stats? Dani Parejo may crawl around the pitch with 50 pace, but when he gets on the ball, it's game over for the opposition.

One of only four players to break the 90 passing barrier, the new Villarreal man will certainly be a cheaper alternative for your central midfield.

3. Toni Kroos - Passing (91)

Kroos control in the midfield

Another La Liga entry. Your creative options are endless, should you land on Spain as your chosen starting point next season. Toni Kroos has been dictating Real Madrid's midfield for six years now, and although the German is not the most 'Meta' player, he mustn't be overlooked.

2. Lionel Messi - Passing (91)

We were almost treated to Messi in the Premier League... so close

This is what you get when you sell your rights to KONAMI and not EA Sports. The greatest on the planet may not be known solely for his passing skills, but they are up there with the very best in the world.

So, a 91 passing rating for Lionel Messi may feel a tad harsh to some, but overall, it's probably just about right.

1. Kevin de Bruyne - Passing (93)

Officially the best passer on FIFA 21

This man could find the answer to the meaning of life with a neatly clipped through ball. Kevin de Bruyne is officially the best passer of the ball in FIFA 21!

The Belgian playmaker contributed an incredible 20 assists for Man City last year, so it's no surprise that he tops the list of the sport's best suppliers. Sign him up ASAP!