Imagine an entire summer of speculation that you could be heading to Turin or Madrid to join one of the best sides in Europe, with the prospect of major trophies and scenic surroundings on your immediate horizon, only to then turn up to pre-season training and be faced with Jesse Lingard spouting some nonsense about beans. 

Yep, still being at ​Manchester United at this stage must really be wearing on Paul Pogba's patience. 

So much so, in fact, that United appear to have accidentally tweeted a video which briefly shows the midfielder appearing to lose his cool with Lingard, presumably after some bean-related attempt at banter.

It might be nothing, of course, but skip to 0:11 tell me that doesn't look like Pogba having a serious pop at JLingzzzzzz, before the ever-diplomatic Victor Lindelof steps in to give him a quiet talking-to and calm the situation down before the cameras catch onto a disaster. 

Pog looks seriously riled by something, but it could all be put down to jokes if not for clearest indication of some aggro, coming from Lingard's incredulous while also mildly sh*tting himself expression. Don't lie, it's a fight you would pay to see, isn't it? 

In any case, the United fans have had their say on the incident via Twitter. 

Is it a poor reflection on the way the club is run? Perhaps.

To others, though, it's all jokes.

At least it means United vs Juventus in next season's Champions League will be extra tasty...