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Nightmare Scenarios for England's World Cup 2014 Group Stage Draw

Now that all 32 teams that will take part in the World Cup 2014 in Brazil have been confirmed, fans are beginning to speculate as to how the group pots will be organised ahead of the official draw in two weeks time.

The potential grouping for the pots have been circulating across the internet and here we can examine some of the potential nightmare scenarios for Roy Hodgson's boys next summer.

4. Looking on the Bright Side...

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Potential Group A: Switzerland, England, Algeria and Honduras.

Potential Group B: Belgium, England, Cameroon and Costa Rica.

Both of these scenarios represent a much kinder draw for England, but they definitely cannot be considered 'easy.'

The Swiss were good in qualifying as were the Belgians, who everyone is talking about, but they are not the powerhouses of world football.

3. Some Nightmare Scenarios...

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Potential Group A: Brazil, England, France and USA.

Potential Group B: Argentina, England, Ivory Coast and Mexico.

Potential Group C: Germany, England, Chile and South Korea

Potential Group D: Spain, England, Nigeria and Japan.

Having seen England mauled by the impressive Chileans and outclassed by the German's second string team, fans of the Three Lions are beginning to realise that Hogdson's side are in fact one of the worst in the tournament and any combination of the above could spell a disastrous tournament for England.

2. The Basic Principles of the Draw

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The basic logic of the draw is as follows.

One team from each of the four pots will be drawn to make one group.

Only two European teams are allowed to be in the same group and only one South American team can be in any given group.

The only thing that is still a big talking point is the final European team that will be forced to go into pot three.

As it stands, France are the lowest ranked European nation according to FIFA, so most people are guessing that it will be the 1998 winners that will pick the short straw and go into the third pot.

1. The Potential Pots

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Pot 1: Brazil, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Colombia and Uruguay.

Pot 2: England, Holland, Italy, Bosnia, Greece, Russia, Portugal and Croatia.

Pot 3: Chile, Ecuador, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, Cameroon and France

Pot 4: USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Japan, South Korea, Iran and Australia.