There is no doubt that as football fans we all respect and admire the Brazilian's for their style of football and their outright flair and skill with the ball at their feet. However with a flurry of players considering moves back to the samba nation, have these players already peaked and are now looking for a way to recapture early  career glories on a smaller scale? There are several examples of players coming over from Brazil and lighting up the European leagues, before falling by the way side in terms of form and often this is never resurrected.

Kaka is possibly the latest example of this having recently turned 30 last season should have been his footballing peak however he only made seventeen appearances ten of those coming from the bench he didn't exactly show the scintillating form and ability that earned him a price tag of 65million EUROS back in 2009. Kaka can be forgiven slightly because of a couple of injuries in recent season's but are these injuries occurring now because he is burnt out? Or is he simply ore prone to injury based on his age?

How about Deco, yes he played for Portugal but he was born in Brazil, he burst onto the footballing scene with FC Porto making him a direct transfer target for a big spending rapidly improving Chelsea side after several successful seasons at Barcelona, however joining Chelsea at the age of 30 and theoretically being at his footballing peak he failed to do much to impress despite a couple of glittering appearances. 

Then there is the likes of Elano, who signed for Manchester City from Ukranian powerhouses Shakthar Donetsk at the age of 26 and appeared to be an asset in his first season and seemed to do ok in his second season before moving to Turkish outfit Galatasaray at the age of 28, to me this is not a step in a positive direction in your footballing career at your supposed earning and playing peak. Elano is now 30 and seems all but forgotten despite probably having five year of football left in him.

What about the great Luiz Nazario De Lima Ronaldo, one of the greatest strikers the world has ever seen but at the end of the 2006/07 season he joined AC Milan from Real Madrid a seemingly good move in terms of his career, one giant for another, however Ronaldo only managed to log 318 minutes of football despite  at this point just approaching thirty years old. The following year he returned to Brazil to play for Corinthians.

My final example is Ronaldinho, the wonder kid who tore up the French league before destroying La Liga and subsequently Serie A. Ronaldinho was the biggest footballing asset on the planet at one time, however in the 2010/11 season he only made 7 appearances for AC Milan, the following season he returned to Brazil to play for Flamengo at just thirty-one years old.
If you don't remember how good Ronaldinho was, watch the video attached, at times he was unplayable.

It's truly incredible to consider that these players may have declined this much in their careers already and that they are now winding down. However, as always there must be an example to someone who defies the argument and honorable mention must go to Cafu, the legendary right-back who played at the top level til the age of 35 winning almost everything in the game in Europe and even lifting the World Cup.

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