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Top 10 Most Accurate Crossers in the Premier League Last Season

The art of crossing tends to be slightly overlooked and it is often taken for granted that players should be able to pick out their teammates in the box. 

However, there are some players that are more successful in this than others and can consider themselves to be amongst the most accurate crossers in the Premier League.

Here is a look at the top 10 crossers in the Premier League last season based on their average accurate crosses per game. 

This list does not necessarily reflect who is the best crosser in the league, but reflects who is the most accurate.

10. Leighton Baines - 2.8 Accurate Crosses Per Game (38 Appearances)

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Leighton Baines had a brilliant 2012/13 campaign at Goodison Park and he earned himself a spot on the PFA team of the year.

Arguably the best left-back in the Premier League, Baines possesses a unique blend of competent defending with unbeleivable creativity from the left-back position.

The partnership between him and Steven Pienaar presented nightmares for teams trying to defend the Toffees' left side. Crosses proved to be a vital element to the Everton attack as they looked for big targets Anichebe, Jelavic and Fellaini up top.

Proving to be a dynamic creative weapon, Baines was the most accurate crosser in the Premier League, converting 106/353 crosses for an average of 2.8 accurate crosses per game.

9. Robert Snodgrass - 2.2 Accurate Crosses Per Game (37 Appearances)

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Joining Norwich City from Leeds last summer, Robert Snograss proved he possessed the skills to excel at Premier League level. 

The 25 year-old established himself as an integral part of the Canaries' attack as he lead the team in creative chances with 65 and finished second on the squad with six league goals, finishing behind Grant Holt. 

The versatile Snodgrass possesses an incredible work rate and has demonstrated that he is not afraid to get stuck in, a rare quality in an attacking midfielder. 

Completing 81 out of 292 crosses, Snodgrass proved to be an accurate crosser with 2.2 per game. 

8. Barry Bannan - 2.2 Accurate Crosses Per Game (24 Appearances)

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Barry Bannan drops in for a surprise inclusion on the list as he lands in at the number three spot. 

The left footed 23 year-old Scottish international has made a name for himself as having a laughable excuse for a right-foot.

Despite making the least amount of appearances out of any player on the list, Bannan proved to be an efficient crosser in the games he did play in as he completed 52 out of his 114 for an average of 2.2 per game.

7. Jonathan De Guzmán - 2.1 Accurate Crosses Per Game (37 Appearances)

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On loan with Swansea last season, Jonathan De Guzmán proved to be one of the most important figures on the Swans' team sheet as he was arguably their best player after Michu. 

The 25 year-old Dutch international has signed on loan for another season at the Liberty Stadium as he looks to continue to be the team's creative midfield genius next season. 

Creating more chances than any other Swansea player with 59, De Guzmán finished a strong campaign with six assists and five league goals.

De Guzman's crossing prowess saw him connect on 76 of his 236 attempts for 2.1 accurate crosses per game. 

6. Jean Beausejour - Two Accurate Crosses Per Game (34 Appearances)

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Despite being labeled as a defender last season, Beausejour lead the Wigan attack, which was predominately focused on the left side, leaving him the team leader in creative chances. 

An attacking threat from the defence, the Chilean proved he still maintains his crossing abilities from his days in the midfield as he completed an average of two accurate crosses per game, completing 69 out of 254 crosses. 

5. Gareth Bale - 1.9 Accurate Crosses Per Game (33 Appearances)

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Gareth Bale had an incredible 2012/13 campaign.

Nearly lifting Tottenham, seemingly single handedly, to a top four finish, Bale's triumphs fell short as Spurs finished 5th in the league. 

Emerging as a creative genius and generating problems for every defence he faced, Bale demonstrated his ability to score absolute crackers as well as whip it in from the wing. 

Finishing the season with a completion rate of 1.9 accurate crosses per game, Bale completed 62 of his 272 crosses. 

4. Matthew Jarvis - 1.9 Accurate Crosses Per Game (32 Appearances)

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Sam Allardyce brought in Mathew Jarvis as a crossing specialist last year and the winger proved he could do exactly that. 

Signing a then record contract (before Andy Carroll signing) with the Hammers, Jarvis had a less than stellar season considering his cost. 

Demonstrating flashes of consistent form towards the end of the season, Jarvis will look to improve upon his 2012/13 campaign with more consistency in his second season at West Ham.

Proven to be adept at crossing with both feet, Jarvis did perform the job he was brought in to do - cross the ball.  Among the league leaders in crosses attempted with 220, Jarvis's conversion of 61 crosses landed him an accuracy rating of 1.9 crosses per game.

3. Chris Brunt - 1.8 Accurate Crosses Per Game (31 Appearances)

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The addition of Claudio Yacob anchoring the West Brom midfield paid dividends to the productivity of Chris Brunt on the left wing. 

This past season Brunt had the freedom to play a much larger role on the wing, allowing him to be more involved in the attack. 

Proving to be a dynamic attacking option on the wing, Brunt converted 55 out of his 188 crosses for an average of 1.8 accurate crosses per game. 

2. Yohan Cabaye - 1.7 Accurate Crosses Per Game (26 Appearances)

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Yohan Cabaye has emerged as a Newcastle fan favourite and it's no surprise why as he has emerged as one of the club's best attacking players and most consistent performers.

In a miserable season for the Magpies, Cabaye still produced wonders from the midfield as he lead the team in creative chances. 

Despite having an attack that was among the bottom half of the league in terms of goals scored, Cabaye was still able to generate chances as he had 44 succesful crosses out of 166 for an average of 1.7 per game. 

1. Seven Players Tied With 1.4 Accurate Crosses Per Game

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Adam Johnson- 49/233 (35 appearances)

Steven Gerrard- 50/212 (36 appearances)

David Silva- 45/160 (32 appearances)

Sebastian Larsson- 52/175 (38 appearances)

Damien Duff- 42/164 (31 appearances)

David Silva- 45/160 (32 appearances)

Glenn Whelan- 45/117 (32 appearances)

Danny Guthrie- 30/92 (21 appearances)