It’s not quite up there with conspiracy theories about the John F. Kennedy assassination or the “overdose” death of Marilyn Monroe, but it’s a theory nonetheless. Some Man United supporters are wondering if Alex Ferguson was persuaded by club ownership or upper management to retire. I suppose anything’s possible. Listen to the video to make up your own mind.

It is a bit odd that Ferguson recently wrote in United’s program against Chelsea that he hopes to manage the team for another year or two and then a week later announced he was stepping down. Doing it with just two games to go in the season is also a little strange. It appears that he’s changed his mind almost overnight.

But perhaps with the upcoming hip replacement operation looming he just feels it’s the right time to say goodbye. Also, according to statistics, Ferguson has managed United for 1498 games and his last game in charge will make an even 1,500. Perhaps this was some sort of goal he set for himself?

It could be possible that the club wanted to make sure it secured David Moyes as a replacement before he signed with somebody else. With Moyes’ contract being up at the end of June he may have signed a new long-term deal with Everton or may have signed elsewhere. If Ferguson retired after two more years in charge they may have not been able to get Moyes at that time.

But if Ferguson was more or less pushed out of his job, the Glazers must have known they would take a hit on the stock market. After Ferguson made the announcement United shares reportedly fell 4.5 per cent in New York.

Why do you think Ferguson retired so suddenly?