With only a set number of players available tonight who should make the team?

Goal Keeper - Joe Hart

  • The number one option with very few competitors at this present time, undoubtably one of the best in the world but an up and down season both internationally and at home mean he will be required to perform to his best ability.

----------------------------------------            Defence             ---------------------------------------

Right Back - Glenn Johnson 

  • My personal preference would have been Micah Richards in this spot but with him out of action Glenn is the next best alternative. With Kyle Walker in reserve incase the right back is not fully able to compete due to injury. 

Right Centre Back - Chris Smalling 

  • Not always 1st choice at Manchester United but a competent centre back, his height is an obvious advantage for his position and given the injuries sustained to other players in this area of the pitch he is one of the few remaining players. Experience from the last match mean he would be best suited to starting. 

Left Centre Back - Joleon Lescott 

  • Another non frequent club starter Joleon has had issues breaking into the 1st team with the arrival of Matija Nastasic but his experience from age and practice from last match mean he will be reliable and alongside Chris Smalling tested to the extreme by the opposition. 

Left Back - Leighton Baines

  • With Ashley Cole the main opposition for this position I believe Leighton Baines has had the much better season and is therefore my 1st choice in this area. His strong and accurate kicks teamed with his ability to attack and defend will come in useful during the match. 

---------------------------------------            Midfield             --------------------------------------

Centre Midfield - Frank Lampard

  • In phenomenal form Frank is looking to break all records available to him this season in club football and this should translate into international games. His experience will provide the team with a strong foundation and hopefully make up for the uncertainties in other positions. 

Centre Midfield - Steven Gerrard 

  • England's main Captain is an obvious choice for this game and after being rested in the previous game should return in this. His partnership with Frank Lampard should be a strong one and their knowledge of each others styles of play can only benefit the team. The pair together should act as a central pivot position for the rest of the team to bounce off. 

Tom Cleverly - Central Advanced Midfield

  • Placed just above the two central midfielders Tom will be able to link the attack and defence and his ability to drop further back will prevent unexpected counters when the two central midfielders move forward. He will also add youth and pace to the midfield. 

---------------------------------------            Forward            ---------------------------------------

Right Forward - Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

  • Selected due to Theo Walcott's absence I believe Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain should be an immediate choice regardless, his performances for England have been nothing short of outstanding, his pace drive and ability mean he is a constant threat to the opposition. An almost perfectly hit shot towards goal that took on half of the San Morino side just missed but was still a reminder of his talent. 

Centre Forward - Wayne Rooney

  • Although my preference is for any other player than Wayne Rooney to lead the team I cannot forget the fact that he is starting to prove his worth for England after all these years. His desire to fight his way into his clubs team means that if he is overlooked for this match it could spell disaster for his career and he is therefore likely to look to outshine the opposition. Alternative option is the very pacy Daniel Sturridge who may be very well placed to sit ahead of his club team mate Steven Gerrard. 

Left Forward - Danny Welbeck

  • Beginning to establish himself as an international favourite Danny Welbeck performs on the largest of stages and very few sit higher than this. His consistency is something desperately needed, he is perfectly capable of sitting out wide or in the centre and with Wayne Rooney likely to be wondering round like a headless chicken for 90 minutes this is fairly useful. 

---------------------------------------            The Team            ---------------------------------------

With 9 separate defensive set ups in his 1st year in charge this shows the confusions around the back line. Meaning now is possibly the best time to employ an established midfield with experience and the potential to prevent any unnecessary difficulties. My preferred choices for midfield are to slowly add youth and develop a squad similar to that of Germany with an established continuous stream of new players available... 

However this is simply not possible given injures and lack of a continuous stream of new players available. With this being a very crucial game for England this may have not been the right time to employ such tactics but sitting with the ever reliable 4 - 3 - 3 system and an equal amount of experience and youth this team should be more than enough for the next fixture. 

Who would you pick out of those available and will England win, loose or draw against their Montenegro counterparts.