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5 Reasons Why Frank Lampard Should Get a New Contract

At the ripe old age of 34, many believed that Frank Lampard would be past it now, having lost that yard of pace, and that pinpoint passing was no longer what it used to be. For Frank, however, this is not the case. The man who epitomizes the word 'professional' has gone from strength to strength this season and has outshone those promising megabucks youngsters with his experience shining through. But, for some odd reason, Roman Abramovich and the Chelsea hierarchy are stalling on the decision, with the fans chants and protests falling on deaf ears. Here, I will list some of his best talents which will the contributing factors in the renewal of his contract, IF he is offered one.

1. 100% Work Rate

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If you asked all of the managers in the Premier League what midfielder had the best work rate, I guarantee at least half would say Frank Lampard. Lampard is know for wearing his heart on his sleeve when going in for every tackle, and if he does leave in the summer, he will take his pride, passion and work rate with him.

2. Goalscoring Record

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Well, everyone knows that Lampard is only 4 goals off the all-time Chelsea top scorer record, and for a central midfielder, that is some record. Yes, he played in attacking roles for the first five seasons of his Chelsea career, but since he has progressively been moving down into a deeper role. If he does not break the record before the end of the season, which is unlikely, surely he must be offered a new contract?

3. Accurate Passing

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Over the years Chelsea fans have been accustomed to his 40 yard passes and his cross field balls, but although Blues fans have recognised his talent, football fans across the globe don't give him enough recognition for his beautiful passing. Sure, it may not be as good as the likes of Xavi or Iniesta, it is of a very high standard and he deserves more respect than he gets.

4. Total Midfielder

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Ever heard the phrase Total Football? Frank Lampard is what I would call a 'Total Midfielder'. Everything a manager could ever ask for in a midfielder, with Lampard managing to do a job in every inch of the pitch. Defending, tackling, passing, positional play, shooting..The list is endless. What more could any manager want?

5. Legend

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If it comes down to it, the one reason why Frank Lampard should be offered a new contract at Chelsea Football Club is because that he was a born legend, and will always be a legend for Chelsea. His goal scoring and assists record is phenomenal, and it shouldn't come down to this, but if it does, this is a god enough reason for him to stay.

I know every Chelsea fan across the country wants him to stay, including me, but I would say the chances are 50/50 thanks to the board. If it was any other club in the country, he would have been offered a new contract long before but the Chelsea board obviously think differently. All I can say is now, I am hoping, dreaming, wishing that he will sign the piece of paper as soon as possible.